Zaksenberg Juicers Terms of Service

Welcome to the Zaksenberg Juicers website – World’s Best Juicers!

The website serves as an online shopping mall, offering its clients only the best and original “Zaksenberg Juicers” products.

The website aims to be the best in its field for you the customers, and lead with efficient, kind and fast service.

We are attentive to you, our customers, and would love to receive your notes, comments and suggestions via Email: [email protected].

Website Regulations

–         The Zaksenberg Juicers website serves as an online store for purchasing products by internet users from Israel and abroad.

–         The purchase via the website constitutes an agreement to the conditions specified in these regulations, and a declaration that the customer and/or someone in their behalf shall not have any argumentation and/or claims against the website management and/or anyone in their behalf, unless so stated in these regulations and following conditions.

–         Persons able to purchase via the website: anyone over 18 years of age who owns a credit card, which is able to be defrayed by one of the credit companies acting in Israel by law, and is valid on the date of purchase. The purchaser must confirm that their personal details have been filled assuredly in the order form, including address, ID, phone number, valid Email address etc.

–         Only individual clients are allowed to order from the website and purchase a product for the purpose of utilization. Business clients cannot purchase products for repeated sales.

–         The Zaksenberg Juicers management reserves the right to change the website regulations at any time and as it sees fit without reporting.

Taxes/ additional fees

–       If  you’re placing an order then taxes might be charged once your parcel arrives in your country. We cannot predict what these charges will be so we’d recommend contacting your local customs office for the latest charges before ordering. Zaksenberg Juicers is not able to pay these charges for you or refund any of these charges.

The Order Process

–         The Zaksenberg Juicers website allows you to purchase products in an easy, fast way, and with attractive prices.

–         Every product offered for sale is shown on the „Store“ page, and includes the name of the product and its online-purchase price.

–         At the end of the order process will appear a page confirming the acceptance of the order details. The acceptance does not constitute a guarantee that the product is available in stock and that it shall be supplied.

–         The website management is doing the best it can to keep the information about the product as updated as possible.

–         In case the information about the product or the image do not reflect the product in actual fact, the website management will be attentive to any such address, but it shall not constitute a legal demand against the website management for misleading information, deliberate or not.

–         Should there be a mistake in the product description – it shall not oblige the website management or suppliers.

–         Should the product be out of stock from the store and/or supplier, a message regarding the subject will be sent within a week via e-mail or phone, and the client’s bill won’t be debited.

–         Should the product be out of stock, the company will not be obliged to supply the customer with it.

–          In order to carry out a product or service order from the website, the product or service has to be chosen, and basic identifying details have to be typed in, such as name, address, phone, Email, credit card number etc.

–         You can also leave identifying details and an available phone number, and a Zaksenberg Juicers representative will contact you in order to carry out a telephonic credit card transaction.

–         In order for the order to be carried out quickly, make sure the details submitted are correct.

–         Should the details be wrong we cannot ensure the execution of the order and will not be obliged to supply it. Moreover, submitting false details is a criminal offense and the person committing it will be subject to both criminal and civilian legal procedures.

–         The store’s computer records regarding the transactions done via the website shall constitute as evidence for the correctness of the transactions.

–         Immediately after the execution of the transaction, Zaksenberg Juicers will check the credit card details, and upon confirmation of the order by the credit card company, will execute the order.

Delivery and Product Supply

Zaksenberg Juicers is an online store, the juicers and spare parts displayed in the website are available in our stock and ready for immediate and fast delivery.

Current delivery fees: when buying a Zaksenberg Juicer or any additional item the shipping fee is calculated and included in the price

–         The website management is free to change the delivery fee at any time.

–         The product will be delivered within 21 business days, but Zaksenberg Juicers will try its best to deliver the product as soon as possible.

–         Should Zaksenberg Juicers will not be able provide the client with the product within that period, the management shall notify the client via Email or phone.

–         Zaksenberg Juicers promises to supply only a product which was fully paid for via credit card, as specified above.

–         The website management reserves the irrevocable right to not supply the products displayed in the website according to its own and exclusive judgement, providing the client’s credit card hasn’t been billed for the order, and if it has been billed, providing the bill has been cancelled or the client has received his money back. Zaksenberg Juicers shall not be held responsible for any delay / hindrance or the product not being delivered, which was caused by events outside of the company’s control or by force majeure.

–         Supplying the products ordered by the customer via the website will be done by
shipment to the client’s address

–         The postal service or delivery company’s regulations shall be applied to the delivery.

–         The website management shall not be held responsible for disruptions to the delivery of products which will be caused by the actions of the postal service or the delivery company.

–         The client shall not have an argumentation or legal claim about the service quality of the postal service or the delivery company.

–         The delivery of products to the client shall be done within the limits of the postal service / delivery company’s abilities to supply the products throughout the world, taking into consideration certain security limitations etc.
In places unreachable due to security reasons or any other reason, Zaksenberg Juicers shall be allowed to place the products to the client in a different location which will be coordinated and agreed upon with the client.

–         Should the client refuse, the website management will be allowed to cancel the order one-sidedly without breaching the stipulation of the contract between the company and the client.

–         It is hereby stated that Zaksenberg Juicers shall not grant any compensation – money or other – for a delay or mishap in the appointed delivery time.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

–         The cancellation of a transaction shall only be done by notifying the website service department directly via letter and/or fax and/or Email.

–         In case of a transaction cancellation, the website management will be able to collect cancellation fee worth up to 5% of the purchased product’s price, or $25, the lower of the two.

–         Cancellation fee shall be collected only in the event of a transaction cancellation which isn’t due to a flaw or mismatch between the product and the order document.

–         The client may return the product to us in its original packaging, whole, clean and unused, within 7 days from receipt If the product has not been returned in this period of time – the management shall not be obligated to compensate the client.

–         The website management shall not pay for the returning of any product.

–         In case the customer received a different product than the one ordered, it shall be replaced with the original product, and the client shall not pay replacement fees. The product will be collected by Zaksenberg Juicers from the address it was sent to.

–         Zaksenberg Juicers may cancel a transaction or a sale, in part or wholly, in the following cases:

  • In the case of scribal error, either in the price or in the product description, in its details or in any other detail regarding the product’s advertising.
  • There has been a communication fault, or technical problem which prevented the website users to use it properly.
  • Force majeure, an act of war or terrorism or other which will prevent the proper continuation of the sale.
  • The website management, upon its exclusive judgement, has recognized a customer as a prohibited client who is not an individual client, or a client who does not meet the terms of the website.
  • In the event the website or the website management and/or website security shall not permit a transaction with a certain client.

Prices on the Website

–         The price shown in the customer’s order is the price that will be charged.

–         All prices on the website are in US dollars and include VAT.

–         The website management has the right to change product prices and additional costs including delivery cost and special service at any time without notifying any authority.


The product’s warranty is only as specified in the website.

The juicer is insured against production defects for a period of 5 years from day of purchase.

You must present a warranty certificate and a purchase receipt before any repair within the period of the warranty.

Damage caused by accident, improper use and DIY repairs – is not insured.

The cost of sending the juicer or any part of it (including insurance) is the client’s responsibility.

Further argumentations are not covered.

The warranty does not cover plastic parts.

The warranty applies only to Zaksenberg Juicers products.

The warranty, if exists, shall be provided with the product by the website management

Credit Card Laws and Legal Statements

–         The client declares that he is aware of credit card laws as far as they regard distant purchasing or phone purchasing and/or internet transactions.

–         A client who will deny a transaction when addressing the credit card company and will be granted by the credit card company, and the website shall prove that he has indeed received the transaction and the product to the address to which he has requested the delivery of the product, and in fact it will turn out that he has used the law not in good faith – in that case the website management and/or anyone in its behalf shall be able to sue for compensation without having to prove damage. In case a product has been in fact received by the client, but he has addressed the credit card company claiming his card has been charged via distant purchasing, which will be cancelled for any reason by the client, it shall not constitute the website’s agreement to the cancellation and will enable Zaksenberg Juicersto claim and sue for its money, in a way in which the cancellation itself and the amount of money returned to the client shall become a promissory note of the client towards the website management.
The website and/or anyone on its behalf shall not be responsible and shall not bear any damage, whether direct or indirect, causal or special that has been caused to the client or to a third party due to use and/or purchase from the website, whatever the cause of the legal demand may be, including income loss and/or prevention of profit which shall be caused by any reason.

User Commitment

–         The user commits to acting in good faith and honesty during purchasing and/or ordering, and after the purchasing and ordering.

–         The user commits to notifying any error in the delivery of the product he has received, or if he has received a different product by mistake, or if he has received more than one product which he has ordered. For example: should the client receive two packages instead of the one he has ordered, or another package not intended for him.

–         Should such a mistake be discovered by the website, the client commits to pay for the product on the day he has received it, the price and value it had on the day of receipt according to the price list as displayed on the website on the day the client has in fact received the product.

Secrecy and Information Security

–         The Zaksenberg Juicers management commits to keep the user’s secrecy and to not pass his details on to any other party.

–         The website, its contents, clients, details, business and personal information are kept in the website systems and are secured by the best security systems. The website is secured with SSL technology. There is a complete separation between the website servers and the database servers which keep the clients details. Credit card details are scrambled using a unique code, so that there is no option for unauthorized people to gather information from the website database.

Topical Judicial Authority

–         In any event of differences of opinion regarding these regulations, the judicial authority shall be in the authorized court in the Ramat Gan area.

–         The website management shall be authorized to send users e-mails, written or oral information about sales, innovations in the website, advertisements from chosen commercial bodies etc., unless the user shall inform in writing that he is not interested in receiving such information.

–         The website management and/or anyone on its behalf shall not be held responsible for the website server to be free of viruses or components or other foreign elements which may damage or harm the client’s personal computer or other equipment, when he enters and/or orders services and/or uses the website. Moreover, the website management shall not be held responsible for any illegal action done on the website by any client or any third party who is not under the control of Zaksenberg Juicers.

–         The management shall be authorized to stop or deny contact or access from clients, to any part of the website or the entire website at any time.

Compensation and Damages Due to Inappropriate Use of the Website

Anyone who uses the website inappropriately commits to compensate the website management and/or anyone on its behalf for any legal claim and/or expense and/or damages of any sort and kind, including legal costs, which may be caused to the website management and/or anyone on its behalf.

We wish you a happy and successful purchase.

Zaksenberg Juicers– World’s Best Juicers!